Thursday, May 8, 2014

Retro Review: Persona 4

Publisher: PS2
Developer: Atlus
Reviewer: Player-1
Released: 2009
Gameplay: Great
Control: Great
Graphics: Excellent
Sound/Music: Excellent
Story: Excellent
Overall: 95% (Excellent Game!)
Persona 4 is my favorite game in the Persona series, why do I choose 4 over Persona 3? Because this one is just bit more polished and a bit more interesting. There is no doubt that Persona 4 packs a huge punch all the way through, the battle system is intense and you will be grinding, crawling and fuzing for hours on end. Too much grinding and dungeon crawling is usually a bad thing in my opinion but Persona 4 managed to hold my interest throughout because you have to stay strategic even while fighting random enemy's, letting your guard down when dungeon crawling is not an option in this game. Although the story was bit slow at the start it grew on me as the game developed. The graphics were excellent, the controllers were great and the fusion system for creating new persona's was more refined then its predecessor's version. By the time I completed the game I had a much greater appreciation for the Japaneses culture in general as the game really makes you feel like your living a day to day life in japan. One thing I like about this series is even when these games are localized they still manage retains there Japaneses charm throughout. This game is a must have for any RPG fan, if you haven't played Persona 4 drop everything else and give it a shot. - reviewed by Player-1, Overall Rating 95% Purchase Persona 4 @