Thursday, July 25, 2013

Game Review - A Boy & His Blob

Publisher: Majesco
Developer: WayForward
Reviewer: Player-1
Released: 2009
Gameplay: Great
Control: Good
Graphics: Great
Sound/Music: Excellent
Story: Great
Overall: 83% (Great Game!)

This is a remake of the classic NES version of the game by WayForward. A Boy & His Blob is like a colorful more versatile version of Limo. I liked the game it was very entertaining and had some awesome puzzles. The graphics and levels had a great feel and the music fit perfectly throughout the game. The only real down side were the glitches that would get you stuck for awhile or make you reset the game all together. This is defiantly an underrated gem that I highly recommend checking out. - reviewed by Player-1, Overall Rating 83%
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